Smilesaver™ - The Perfect Perio Tray™ Cleaner

Smilesaver™ - The Perfect Perio Tray™ Cleaner

Here at Perio Protect, we've always said hydrogen peroxide is a great antimicrobial, so by using the trays daily, it becomes a self-cleaning system. However, what about when we miss a day of wearing the trays? What about when we leave the trays in a zip lock bag for a couple days in our suit case after a vacation? What about when we drop a tray on the floor and they bounce to that dusty spot under the sink? These are great times to use the Smilesaver spray as a convenient  way to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria, stop odors, and provide a pleasant taste (in just 60 seconds). 

For years, we investigated tray cleaners / retainer cleaners and even started the process of creating our own, before coming to the conclusion that Smilesaver, by Soluria, is the perfect match for what our customers need!

After being impressed by their elegant packaging, we learned that their products contain no sugar, alcohol, artificial ingredients or harmful chemicals: this drove us to reach out to the folks at Soluria and ask them if we could provide our customers with their cleaning spray. That was a couple short months ago. 

Now, that is all behind us, and we are looking forward to a great partnership where we sell the best retainer / dental tray cleaner on the market for use with Perio Trays!

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